The main economic parameters:
The areas of the Snow Mile multifunctional residential complex, the characteristics of the construction objects and the volume of investments in the project.
Volume of investments:
6 billion rubles.
Maximum height of the buildings:
23 floors.
Total area:
≈135,000 m2
Apartments of classes A and B
≈42,000 m2
A trade and entertainment gallery:
≈14,500 m2
A business center:
≈22,500 m2
A congress hall:
≈4,500 m2
A hotel:
≈11,500 m2
A parking lot for 1,100 cars.
≈40,000 m2
Options of investing participation:
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Complete buying-out

The investor buys 100% of the shares from Etalon Ltd. In kind, the transaction price is equal to the Current Cost of the Project (invested capital + the cost of fixed and current assets), increased by a factor of the developer’s fee (20%). The investor will ensure financing and construction management.

Shared construction participation

The investor buys a certain part of shares from Etalon Ltd. In kind, the transaction price is equal to the respective share in the owners’ partnership ТСП. The participants of the partnership will finance the construction in accordance with their shares in Etalon Ltd. Cooperation with the General Contractor will be organized in one of the following formats:

1. A standard contracting agreement. The General Contractor is the Customer’s agent for organization and administration of the construction.

2. An ЕРСМ-contract*. For a fixed fee (the project cost plus the Contractor’s fee), the General Contractor independently manages the construction and assumes the risks of project management from the moment of the beginning of construction to the moment of acceptance of the finished project.

After acceptance of the objects of the Snow Mile multifunctional residential complex, the Investor will increase its share in Etalon Ltd. to 100%, by buying out the shares of other participants. In kind, the transaction price is equal to the total sum of the Investment Capital, transferred by the other participants to Etalon Ltd.

To get more detailed information about the possibilities of investment or to ask a question, please send us a request.
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The current state of the project
The project initiator

Developer: Novograd Group of Companies, Novosibirsk<

Novograd Group of Companies is involved not only in development but also in construction, investing in real estate, real estate management and brokerage. The company owns more than 200,000 sq m of its own real estate and is managing 35,000 sq m of the floor area, The developer has implemented 6 large projects: an apartment building in Ermak Street, the Tikhiy Dvor complex, Novograd business center, Europe business center, Krasnaya Gorka low-rise buildings, and BAZA mall.

The construction implementer, technical coordinator, applicant: Etalon Ltd., legal address: 55 Krasny Prospekt, suite 705, Novosibirsk 630099.


Currently the Group of Companies has all the documentation allowing construction of the Snow Mile multifunctional residential complex:

  • An order of the Novosibirsk municipality on approving the location of the land plot on the cadaster plan and on preliminary approval of the site for the multifunctional complex
  • An order of the Novosibirsk municipality on land lease
  • A land lease agreement
  • A cadaster plan of the plot of land, cadaster number 54:35:0:369
  • The category of land: land of a residential settlement
  • The development plan of the land plot
  • A complete set of technical conditions for construction
  • An order of the Novosibirsk municipality on allocation of land plots
  • Cadaster passports of the land plots
  • Project documentation for stages P (project) and W (work plan)
Dear partners,

Novosibirsk occupies a special place on the map of Russia and is well-known far beyond the borders of Russia. Now it is a huge megapolis connecting an incredible number of cultural, educational, scientific, political, and economic processes. This is caused by the unique location of Novosibirsk — at the crossroads from Central Russia to the Russian Far East. From Europe to Central and South-Eastern Asia.

It is not surprising that the most creative, bold, and ambitious projects have been born in Novosibirsk. The Snow Mile multifunctional residential complex is one of them. Now we are working to make it the business center of Siberia, interesting for the largest Russian and global companies. We invite you to take part in the project!

Yevgeny Vladimirovich Gribov,
The Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Novograd group of companies
Project presentation
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We invite partners
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